DataCloud Opens Offices in Vancouver

Industry Match

To accommodate our growing demand in the region, we’ve opened a Burrard Street office location in downtown Vancouver. Mining is a large part of the Canadian economy and many industry participants are either based in Vancouver or listed on the VSE. DataCloud embraces this area as a mining hub. Being located close to our British Columbia based clients will result in seamless service delivery, which will help our customers increase production while reducing costs.

“As of late 2010, there are 9 major metal mines and 10 major coal mines operating in BC.”

The British Columbia Technical and Research Committee on Reclamation

In addition, DataCloud plans to grow roots within the community by increasing our appearance at trade shows, workshops, job fairs, and more. Below is our CEO, Thor Kallestad visiting New Westminster and appearing on The Crownsmen Podcast. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of these happenings.

Proximity to the Rocks

British Columbia has a balanced and wide spread of mine types (coking coal, base metals, precious metals) and a good mix of producing properties versus exploration prospects.  This combination of stability and geologic diversity is unique. Our new location puts field engineering and R&D efforts closer to our clients, which will facilitate innovation and productivity growth in the Canadian mining industry.

“The unique geological characteristics and mountain-building history of each belt determine the mineral resources each one contains.”

Mineral Resources Education Program of BC, map of active operations in BC

Below are two of DataCloud’s field engineers who spotted the former PM of Canada, Stephen Harper at the airport. Follow us on Twitter to see who else we’ve run into out in the field.

Canadian Culture

Beyond DataCloud and Vancouver being invested in the same industry, there is a culture here that is irresistible to us. From the inspiring scenery to mass transit, and a seafood dreamland, DataCloud employees were comfortable at first visit. Generally, Canada is a great place to do business and has many “above ground” advantages that other jurisdictions do not. An example is this critical role UBC plays for the Vancouver mining industry, in that UBC provides a steady stream of engineering talent focused on the mining industry.  UBC has also begun churning out more and more talented computer science graduates. Additionally, Canada has liberalized its immigration policies and extended open arms to talented newcomers interested in relocating to the region.

DataCloud is thrilled to add Vancouver to our office locations and be closer to the Canadian mining scene. We look forward to helping our Candian clients improve their rock mass knowledge, while continuing to develop advanced subsurface measurements and analytics. Contact us to find out how we can help transform your drill and blast operations and increase recovery and production at your mine site.

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