Presenting at CIM 2019

Wednesday May 1st, 9:20am, room 513C

Results from Advanced Measurements While Drilling Technologies on Blast Hole Drills at Canadian Mines

This presentation will compare results from DataCloud’s IoT sensor device measurements, traditional measurement while drilling (MWD) technology, and core samples. The evaluation will demonstrate the ability of advanced blast hole drill sensors to clearly and accurately discriminate a range of geological and geomechanical features. It will also highlight the value case for using high-resolution rock mass evaluation information to improve blast designs.

In addition, a summary of rock mass characterization from DataCloud’s IoT sensor and edge computing technology will be provided.  Data is sourced from numerous production drilling operations on a variety of blast hole drills in 2018 and 2019.

  • Results in iron ore: density and core
  • Results in hard rock for fractures
  • Results in metallurgical coal
  • Drilling efficiency solutions
  • Function on DTH drills
  • Other types of drills DataCloud’s IoT device has successfully trialed
  • Big data analytics possibilities with DataCloud’s accompanying software

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Presenter: Daniel Palmer

Presenting on behalf of DataCloud is Daniel Palmer, our Chief of Operations. He spent over 20 years working for Schlumberger across the globe in a wide range of roles. He was closely involved in the deployment of real-time operations and other new technologies for Schlumberger. He has a Masters Degree in Electrical and Information Engineering from the University of Cambridge.

Please contact [email protected] to set up a meeting with DataCloud CEO, Thor Kallestad or COO, Daniel Palmer at CIM before or after the presentation.

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Below is an example use case of advanced rock properties from DataCloud: feeding the data into a mine’s block model for a continuously updating, high-resolution version. Read more about it in our latest newsletter.

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