Presenting at Mines and Technology Conference, Vancouver

June 5th 2019 2:30pm Vancouver BC, Pan Pacific Hotel

Our real-time orebody knowledge platform has been proven to measure rock mass properties far beyond the capabilities of legacy MWD systems. Unlocking this rock intelligence during drill and blast operations was the missing piece to true optimization. Now, we are incorporating even more data sets from various points in a mine’s life cycle. Aggregating mine data from other phases of your operations will further improve productivity, production, and financial returns.

On June 5th, Krishna Srinivasan, CTO of DataCloud, will be giving a technical overview on how these new technologies are advancing smart mining around the world. This presentation will show why optimizing operations starts with the capability to see real-time lithology changes during drill and blast operations. He will then explain how operators can utilize the DataCloud Platform’s additional features to unlock even more opportunities. Topics will include:

  • Advanced rock measurements while drilling blast holes
  • Analytics of these measurements and aggregated data sets
  • Visualizations of your entire orebody in real-time
  • Seamless integration of data sets into other workflows

How the DataCloud Platform Works

Using IoT enabled sensors, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, the DataCloud Platform delivers advanced rock measurements and analytics right into your drill and blast workflow.

An example of a high-resolution visualization of metallurgical coal boundaries is below.

DataCloud’s sensors are installed on production drills. They measure the compressional and shear moduli of the rock mass with centimeter accuracy. This improved data can be used for the following purposes:

  • High-resolution geologic modeling
  • 3D ore control
  • Drill and blast optimization
  • Drill to mill productivity and optimization

Why Analyzing Your Data Makes a Difference

One of the distinct challenges with data collection systems is the sheer volume of information acquired. With thousands of measurements per blast hole, the data can be overwhelming for even an experienced engineer. To overcome this complex challenge, The DataCloud Platform has been built on Microsoft Azure to provide powerful, scalable and secure cloud computing capabilities. Our algorithms interpret and deliver rock mass data in real-time, which enables clients to extract resources as efficiently as possible.

This combination of geoscience and industry 4.0 expertise are the first of its kind and are providing the step-change needed to improve operations.

Contact us to schedule a face to face meeting with Krishna during the conference. Or, if you can not make it to Vancouver another member of the DataCloud team can provide a web viewing demo of our platform’s capabilities.

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